Oxygen Delivery Devices


1) Low Oxygen Delivery Devices

i) Nasal cannula

a) Two short plastic nasal prongs
b) Delivers 25-45% FIO2 at 1-6 L/min flow

c) Delivers 4% Oxygen per liter flow
1) Flow 0 liters per minute: 21% (Room Air)
2) Flow 1 liters per minute: 25%
3) Flow 2 liters per minute: 29%
4) Flow 3 liters per minute: 33%
5) Flow 4 liters per minute: 37%
6) Flow 5 liters per minute: 41%
7) Flow 6 liters per minute: 45%
d) Flow rates >4 liters per minute irritates nasopharynx
e) Does not provide humidified oxygen

ii) Simple Oxygen Mask
a) In children use the Soft Vinyl Pediatric Mask
b) Poorly tolerated by infants and toddlers
c)Delivers 35-60% Oxygen at 6-10 L/min flow rates
-Room air entrained during inspiration
-Reduced Oxygen Concentration if:
i) High spontaneous inspiratory flow
ii) Mask is loose
iii) Oxygen flow into the mask is low

2) Moderate flow oxygen delivery devices

i) Partial Rebreathing Mask with reservoir
a) Delivers 35-60% Oxygen at 6-10 L/min flow rate
-First third of exhaled gases mix with reservoir
-Exhaled gases from upper airway are oxygen rich

ii)Venturi Mask
a) Allows provider to dial in oxygen concentration
b) Delivers 25-60% oxygen at 4-8 L/min flow rate

3) High oxygen delivery devices

i) Non-Rebreathing Mask with reservoir
a) Delivers 95% Oxygen at 10-12 L/min
b) Two valves added to rebreathing mask prevents:
-Entrainment of room air during inspiration
-Retention of exhaled gases during expiration

ii)Oxygen Hood
a) Clear plastic shell encompasses the baby's head
b) Well tolerated by infants
c) Size of hood limits use to younger than age 1 year
d) Allows easy access to chest, trunk, and extremities
e) Allows control of Oxygen Delivery
-Oxygen concentration
-Inspired oxygen temperature and humidity
f) Delivers 80-90% oxygen at 10-15 liter per minute


Marie Alice August 17, 2010 at 7:04 AM  

how to construct an oxygen hood

Knight April 26, 2011 at 8:12 AM  

Nasal cannula flow 6 liters per minute supply 44% oxygen not 45

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